Essay on importance of festivals in our life in english

The Hindus worship many deities. Our country is the land of diversity and different communities belonging to different religions live here, therefore many festivals are celebrated regularly every year.

There are several functions that are organized to mark the celebrations. These festivals are a symbol of unity and progress. People purchase gifts, vehicles, electronic items and many other valuables during the festive period which definitely good for our economy and also bring sound profit to every business.

Many lives were lost and much was sacrificed by our forefathers to gain Independence. It is during the time of festivals that we all also contribute our hand towards the weaker sections that do not have enough sources.

This Day is celebrated as Independence Day across the length and breadth of India. Festival would increase unity in people and also serves to remove all enmities and misunderstanding between people and gives a divine message to all human being. Be it regional festivals or national festivals — all the festivals in our country are celebrated with love and joy.

Promotes cleanliness On the event of Gandhi jaynti whole India takes to streets cleaning the roads, societies, Premise of the Offices and buildings are cleaned by the employees and residents in memory of Gandhi who had made sanitation and cleanliness as integral part of Gandhian way of living.

Each year, people clean their houses and deck them up with lights, diyas and candles to celebrate the return of Lord Rama.

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There are many kind of celebrations some of them are funny and interesting; some are traditional or religious whereas some are national. This helps them to understand the rituals and make them familiar with our rich culture developing a liking for the festivals and celebrations.

Besides, they get to eat a lot of delicious sweets and wear new dresses. India is a peculiar land of various people belong to various religions and speaking various languages. However, some things remain common for instance people decorate their houses with flowers and lights during the festivals and wear new clothes.

Everyone would pray for god to handle the difficult situation and make the festival cheerful as well as enthusiastic. Indians worship various Gods and Goddesses and the various festivals they celebrate are dedicated to one deity or the other. So for the development of Nature humans, animals, water, air etc.

Indian Festivals Based on Religious Beliefs Here are some of the Indian festivals and the religious beliefs attached to them: A festival teaches us to take care of the poor: This increases feelings of brotherhood.

The huge social gathering is really helpful for the refreshment of the soul and the mind. All religion has their own method and festivals.

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Indians also celebrate three national festivals. People observe fast during navratras and worship different avatars of Goddess Durga each day to seek her blessings.

Short essay on Importance of Festivals of India

The importance of festivals in life is that they bring harmony and peace in the society. During the festival, they can meet and forge a bond of companionship and love. In fact, it is one of the best times to meet friends and family members which otherwise is not possible.

Each festival that is celebrated in our country is also associated with a story from the Puranas that gives an insight into the deeper spiritual significance of every festival as well as the underlying the celebration. This is why the festivals have a major impact on the sales of vehicles and electronic items also increase during the festive period.

Each and every festival has a significance of its own. But the problem is we are selfish and lost our common sense as an example cutting trees, polluting water and air, cutting mountains for industries and doing thousands of devil practices online and offline.

It bears the message of good will. Importance of Festivals in our Life.

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Vijay Sharma September 29, Leave a Comment. You can explain festivals importance in many points because of its wider reach around the world. All religion has their own method and festivals. Online Classes vs Traditional Classes Essay. Festivals are the important part of our culture as well as life.

They teach us about your rich heritage, traditions and moral values. Festivals plays an important role in our life so to know about the importance of festivals in our life, read about Essay on importance of festivals in our life.

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There are many celebrations in countries in the world/5(1). Essay on save plants save life ways to achieve success essay. English essay assistance irony in lord of the flies essay writer single vs married life essay, Essay on importance of festivals in our life in english.

Importance of National Festivals of India Essay

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Essay on importance of festivals in our life in english
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Long and Short Essay on Indian Festivals in English for Children and Students